Home changes everything.

Redfin Rise is excited again to partner with New Story, a nonprofit tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: homelessness.

In 2022, Redfin Rise raised more than $30,000 together building 3 homes. Let's raise more together in 2023.


Home is the foundation of a flourishing life.

New Story builds homes for families who make less than $10 a day internationally. Our 100% promise is this-- every penny of your donation goes to building a home for a family. Together, we're building a world without homelessness.


The Power of Your Donation

FOR $2
You pay for an Ecoblock
An Ecoblock ​​is a construction block composed mostly of compressed earth. It’s more cost effective than the traditional cement block but stronger, making it environmentally and economically sustainable.
FOR $100
You pay for one window
We have seen many of our families use their windows to start businesses, increasing their personal income up to 63%. Our communities truly make the most of their homes.
FOR $150
You pay for a door that locks
Most of these families have never had their own door to lock at night and keep them safe. You’re providing safety and security for the first time!
FOR $10,000
You completely fund an entire home!
Enough said.
FOR $2,500
You pay for a foundation
The foundation will serve as the base of a family's new safe, sustainable home where they can grow and thrive for generations to come!
FOR $1,700
You pay for a child's bedroom
A place to read, learn, sleep, stay safe, and grow into their full potential.
FOR $850
You pay for clean water
We all know dirty water is one of the most common reasons for illnesses to pass through communities. When a home has clean water, they can clean, cook, and drink in a healthy way.
FOR $2,500
You pay for a roof
Storms are the most consistent disruptor to families experiencing homelessness. Their roofs often leak, creating pools of still water and bringing mosquitoes and diseases into their shelter.
FOR $300
You pay for one wall
Together, we are building a space for privacy and protection from storms and earthquakes.

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